The Scottish Identity Card Scandal:
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Scottish ID Card


It is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state.
Bruce Schneier, Secrets and Lies (2000), p. 53

Citizens Account Project (East Lothian Council)    [section withdrawn Jan. 2009]
Concessionary bus travel goes nationwide (Scottish Executive news, 7 Feb. 2006)
Consultation paper on the Scotland-wide free bus travel for older and disabled people (Scottish Government consultations, Oct. 2005)
The English ID Card Scandal

Entitlement cards - function creep update (NO2ID Forum)
ESP Systex (Manufacturer of the Edinburgh, Dundee and other cards)
Government Connect

ID cards by the back door (Stuart Hill, NO2ID Shetland)
Improvement Service

Independent Review of Citizen's Account Service, Atos Consulting, Jan. 09
ITSO - Integrated Transport Smartcards Organisation
Local Identity: The role of local entitlement cards in public service delivery, 17 Aug. 07
National Entitlement Card website
NO2ID campaign
NO2ID Edinburgh

NO2ID Scotland

Scotland-wide Concessionary Travel Scheme for Young People
Scottish Citizen's Account portal
Transformational Government (Cabinet Office)

Transport Scotland - Concessionary Travel

'Your name on file' by Iain Matheson, the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland, Feb. 06

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9 April 2012